Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Morning Musume DVD Magazine 26

All promotions for Nine Smiles have been really bright and color full. That does not stop for this DVD magazine. The start of it we have they are explaining that they will play 9 games each and we will have fun. So let's start.

The first game is like verbal ping pong. One player says multiplication problem with the numbers 1-9 (You will see a trend). So the second player gives the answer and sends another multiplication problem to player one. And this goes until someone can't figure out the answer in 5 seconds or messes up numbers. First round for Mitsui is against Sayumi. She wins to go first, but it doesn't take long for her to mess up and Mitsui is out. All in all Sayumi goes on to win the whole round so I don't feel as bad. Mitsui point total: 0

This next game is sucking through a straw to keep the yen piece up to the straw as long as you can. First round: Linlin vs. Mitsui vs Sayumi (again). Mitsui wins this round. The other prelim winners are Koharu and Junjun. Thus it's those three in the in the finals. Koharu drops first. Then Mitsui and Junjun drop at the same. Resulting in a play off!

Well it doesn't take but more than a second for Mitsui's cent to drop like a rock. Thus making Junjun the winner. Mitsui point total: 2

The third game is a staring contest, but more like a laugh contest. The person who smiles/laughs with teeth showing loose. Mitsui's first opponent: Niigaki Risa. If after a minute passes and no one laughs they play a battle of Jakenpyon (rock paper scissors) to see who wins. Mitsui wins and goes to the next level where she faces off against Kamei. It goes for a minute and no one laughs, not by lack of trying by either Mitsui or Kamei. Kamei wins. Mitsui point total: 3

Basically a Jakenpyon game with your feet. But added on is asamute pyon (spelling?) Basically this is after you have a not tied game a person flicks their finger either up down, or left or right, your head has to move you head opposite of the finger moving. Mitsui's first round: Tanaka Reina (This should be fun). Well they were going good for a while but Reina got her out. Mitsui point total: 3

And now we have a hula hoop off!! First grouping: Junjun vs. Mitsui vs. Sayumi (we meet again). Mitsui looses this one as well (she doesn't do too well in this DVD). Mitsui point total: 3

This game is using the stop watch to get, without looking, as close to 9 seconds as you can. So this is everyone for themsleves game. The girls are actually pretty funny trying to distract the girls when they try to count the ticks to get close to 9. Close but too short for Mitsui. Mitsui point total: 3

So it's Mitsui's game and it's to stack dominoes as high as you can without them falling over. Mitsui's prelim group is Linlin vs. Mitsui vs. Kamei. Mitsui wins. To which Eri gets mad and knocks it down (lol). So our finalist (and future bus tour mates) are Reina vs. Junjun vs. Mitsui. Reina gets one more block over Mitsui. Mitsui point total: 5

This is the section where Mitsui talks about being together as a group of nine and the current concert. I have little to none Japanese knowledge so I can't help you more than that.

Junjun's game is of luck. Members draw cards and who ever gets the 9 first wins. That's what I think it is. Mitsui vs. Kamei (again). Kamei pulls the 9 first and out is Mitsui. And Eri being the good sports man she is throws a peace sign in Mitsui's face (This did happen but I meant it jokingly). Mitsui point total: 5

And for our last game each member has to role the dice, and which ever number they land on it the amount their score will be multiplied by. Another members for themsleves virus game. Mitsui has five points as I have kept track of so we hope for a big number!! And we get a 1. Thus Mitsui has the smallest amount of point out of the whole group. It's okay Mitsui we still love ya!

Overall a very enjoyable DVD if you like watching the games. If you are just in it to watch your favorite member you might not enjoy it as much.

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