Friday, October 2, 2009

Mitsui Info Page

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Name: Mitsui Aika (光井愛佳)
Nick Names: Micchi, Mittsi, Charles, Wan-chan
Groups: Morning Musume (2006-Present), Athena & Robikerottsu (2007-2008), Guardians 4 (2009-Present), Tanpopo# (2009-Present)
Morning Musume Generation: 8th
Birthday: January 12, 1993
Blood Type: O
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Birth Place: Shiga Prefecture, Japan
Height: 154.5 (5'1")
Favorite Food: Plums, strawberries, roast beef, kombu, cuttlefish
Special Skill: Massage, keeping her room tidy, camera photoshots
Hobbies: Shopping, looking through brochures, talking to herself, taking pictures, making sushi
Favorite words: Unbeatable in heaven and earth
Favorite colors: Black, purple, gold

- Doesn't like the nick name Micchi and prefers to be called Aika
- Carries an inhaler with her during concerts
- Has an older sister
- Her father runs a restaraunt
- Has her own toy poodle named Leo
- Was named by her grandmother
- Favorte number is 397 because it was her entry number in the audition. Her mother stated she won because it means bloom like a flower (sa ku na = 397).
- Claimed Koharu to be her rival when first joining
- Currently the only member of Musume to have a regular FC blog
- By apprence it looks like her close friends in Musume are Tanaka Reina, Kusumi Koharu, and Michishige Sayumi. Though she is still hanging out with friends from Shige, as shown in a blog post
- Out of Musume, within H!P, Mitsui is good friends with Hagiwara Mai, Sugaya Risako, Kumai Yurina, and Nakajima Saki.
- The nick name Charles came from Hello!Online Mitsui topic when people confused Mittsi (The nick name said at the concert) as Micchi. Resluting in the nick name Charles from a poster on the thread.

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