Sunday, October 18, 2009

Current Scans, some random updates

This post will be image heavy and cover some of the scans and things I have not yet gone over yet. First we have the B-side coupling album. 3 CDs long of Musume B-sides. I am a fan of some B-sides but I have most of the singles anyway. So I decided to skip out on this one. But the coupling booklet it very temping. I may just go for the Korean one because it's cheaper. But the booklet starts out (for Mitsui fans) here:

We have our introduction of generations 1, 2, 3, and Ai through Koharu with our current member spreads throughout the generations. We happen to have the 8th generation and the 4th generation on one page. (My sign from god I picked the right generations to love lol).

Then the other page is Junjun, Mitsui, Koharu, and Reina with Miki. These little paper drawing things are really cute and are so cute.

This next page is showing our line up now and then. And there is a page that has our current line up looking all cute. But then they had the girls cutting out some past member cut outs which is really cute. Then of course we have our time line of members.

I have some homework to finish so this post may be edited or I might do a new one for other things.


  1. Thanks for all the scans! I've been debating to get the coupling collection as I am a fan of a lot of the B-sides going way back.
    Just so you know, has a lot of booklet scans with out the creases, so take a look there as well.
    And you should check out the Japanese Mitsui fan site as well. Support Aika!

  2. Thanks for the link. I have met a translator for a group who is willing to help with Mitsui related translations, so I hope to provide more info in the future. And I know aewen's site has them, but these scans are bigger.