Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Very LQ Kimagure Princess Preview

I have found myself a cell phone video of the PV for Kimagure Princess. Now I don't know if this is the original PV or the Recochoku ver. of the PV, but I figure I can look over it, and sadly enough Mitsui doesn't get much screen time. If you blink you will miss her in the cut parts. We start off with a crazy dance to start off with, you can see Mitsui next to Reina on the left.
The dance is a very strange collection of dances. Some things from Balalaika and some other strange things. Honestly I don't think I've seen a dance like this before. But we got more butt rubbing:

These collection of screen shots are ones that are actually only about 1 second long, if at all. Honestly Sayumi, Koharu, Mitsui, Junjun, and Linlin get seriously the scraps of this PV. And honestly it's sickining because they look so good. I will wait for a higher version to come out but as it's looking right now I am not too impressed. I mean I am all for Kamei being lead and this is a cool single. But this is one of those better to listen than to watch songs. Much like Resonant Blue.

The end part is kind of funny when the girls wiggle their fingers in front of their faces. I think all the girls do it but I just find it funny and cute for such a mature song. Also Hello!Project made a mistake with the covers. The limited B and C are actually different. Here are the correct covers:

In some other Mitsui related news Mitsui will be appearing on a radio show on the 19th called "Hoshi Hitomi no Music Aura" to promote Kimagure Princess. I am going to download and try to follow the conversation for you all.


  1. "I don't know if this is the original PV or the Recochoku ver. of the PV"

    Yes this in fact is just a cell phone release, very limited and not like the true PV. Hopefully Mitsui will get some more shots but then again if not in the official one we'll get to see her in the close up versions.

  2. Thanks for clearing that up. I was pretty sure it was but this post took a few hours to get up just due to me going to class and other things. But thanks for the update.

  3. Yeah... I wasn't a fan of this PV at all. Or the song too much, really. :|