Saturday, October 3, 2009

Reviews and things to come

I have yet to make my first purchase from the Hello Store USA, this is due to many reasons. One being the virus on my computer causing major problems; in fact the blog post last time was posted during that time. So pardon any errors in spelling or grammar. Two, I just had to spend over 100 for the guy to just erase everything on my hard drive and install the important things back on. But what can ya do? I plan to buy a few photo cards; I was gonna get the cell phone charm but I will wait. Something I noticed though, a lot of the Mitsui stuff is now sold out compared to yesterday. You all gang up and buy without me? Just kidding. But this post will be looking ahead to future releases with Mitsui in them.

I think we will go down the list. So I shall start up with the calendar. I ordered this one and it has acutally been shipped already.

These photos are edited versions of LQ photos found on H!O, credits to Schizophat@JPM. Now looking at it I know some fans are disappointed with this calendar from last years. Sadly enough I was not able to get the Musume calender, despite my large love of Reika. But I am excited for this calendar. I mean, yes Mitsui doesn't do a photo shoot with Sayumi, Reina, Koharu, or Linlin (Sayumi which I suspected her to be paired up with this year) but each member missed 4 other members. Kind of sad actually. But from the looks of it this calender is going to be really pretty, plus the calendar is the size of posters so it's a plus.

Next we have "Morning Musume Singles Coupling Collection Best Album"

Over all I find both covers very creative, I scaled them down to fit better for the site. The first one if you can't tell is all 25 members of Morning Musume, in the first single they took photos for. As you can see Mitsui is in her school uniform from Egao Yes Nude. The other cover is Musume as they are now and the graduated members in the outfits from their last Musume single. Very nostalgic looking back on all 25 members, thinking how they changed in all. Now being that I have all the B-sides I will most likely will not picking up this album any time soon. The only look up is the Limited Ed one comes with a booklet. I am curious to see it but not worth $30 plus off Yesasia. That is the only bad thing with albums, they are always so darn expensive. But for fans who don't have all the singles and only have the single collection CDs will be interested in looking into the B-sides. For most of 2005 and 2006 the B-sides for Musume singles were more fun than the singles.

Now is time for the big boy: Morning Musume's 41st single Kimagure Princess.

Yes this throw back song to Musume yester years sure had the fans stirring up with some playful comments on the opening "Alvin and the Chimp monks" opening. I find it creative and very fun to listen to, with it's mature lyrics and it's crazy outfits. I mean, I don't know about you all but when I think Princess cowboy hats don't come up often. And today a 10 sec preview came out for the PV. And I have complied the Mitsui that can be seen:

Don't see her? This may help:

Now remember this is a short preview. So I wasn't expecting a lot of Aika from it. But I am impressed with the butt rub, nice job Linlin.

Now we have the Guardians 4 3rd single Party Time

Now when I had come back from being off line for the whole night and till about 4 today (seemed like forever), when I came back the new Shugo Chara show is out. And it looks like they pulled a Kirarin Revolution and had parts of the PV in the opening. So of course (after I got an editing program I could work) I compiled some screens for you all:

Yup! They're green~! The one I got was actually sub titled so I got a peak at translated lyrics. And despite being called Party Time the lyrics are kind of up lifting. We start with a few close ups, then an actual set! They are outside running around, the dance shot is actually outside here. Seems to be a party inside as well. A lot of Mitsui and Saki love in this PV.

Then we have Risako standing in the middle of a baby pool and poof, she's in a bubble! And not even like CGed her into a bubble fake stuff you could recall from Mini Moni. They do this with all the members, it's actually pretty cool! And we party some more! This song is actually really catchy and I could see how it could catch on with kids.

And our final is the Fan Club tour that was Reina, Mitsui, and Junjun; but Koharu was added on to be her last fan club event.

Now since I have no Japanese skills what so ever, don't have enough money to be a fan club member, and never have been to Japan I have no idea what this will entail but I am curious to watch the DVD, with these 4 it will be really fun no matter what.

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  1. Thanks for the quality site, I really like your posting style. So much good Aika stuff coming out nowadays. I'd recommend that you find a way to make your pictures larger and saveable instead of just keeping them fittable in your post. And make anonymous posts allowable.
    Don't feel bad about the HelloStore stuff being sold out, there are still her microfiber towels, and just look at all the great Aika stuff in the coming soon section.