Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Morning Musume DVD Magazine 28

Warring: This post contains Mitsui in adorable situations and is a huge Mitsui pic span. You've been warned!

Though my thoughts on the 2009 Spring ~Platinum 9 DISCO~ are those with negative connotation I LOVE backstage footage. It doesn't matter what it is. It could be for a movie I haven't even seen and I would watch it. Backstage footage is my favorite to watch just because you know you are getting to watch a person at there simplest. Right before they go on stage. It's a good way to watch it. So being that Morning Musume DVD Magazine 28 just came out (and I was able to find it finally) I got right away to watching it....only to have to leave to go to class not even half way through. But now I was able to finish it and I love it. Not as much backstage stuff as I wanted but it was fun to watch since I am able to (sort of) pick up on what they are saying.

This is not an overall review, because you guys can download and watch it. Why spoil the fun? Also this is just to point out my favorite moments from the DVD that I sort of understood, or are just really cute.

This is why I love backstage footage. Mitsui is very sneaky in this one getting in the shot. Sayumi is going to say something to the camera, don't ever think she does say anything, though I was too distracted by how frikin' cute Mitsui is behind her.

For the concert in Shige she asks to see the pen lights (glow sticks) it seems like during the concert she noticed a lot for herself. They dim the lights and there we have it. The holy grail of Mitsui glow sticks. I remember listening to the concert recording (don't remember if it was this concert or Nine Smiles, but I don't think they went to Shige for Nine Smiles so I will guess this one) and during the encore parts the chants were all for Mitsui. I can still remember the chants of "Aika! Aika! Aika!" Instead of "En-cor-ru!" which the fans normally chant. It made me a bit emotional.

And apparently Mitsui as well. Oh Mitsui you should know we love you! It's so cute to see her all emotional over her fans (note this is the part after singing Ame blah blah where they run over the stage and wave goodbye to the fans). I'm sure they were chanting for her. She's so cute.

It looks like Risa was gonna say something than WHAM! Hello Mitsui's eye. lol I swear this girl is so crazy. Then after Risa pushes her away (there is a lot of Risa Mitsui interaction in this one) and she is talking to Linlin Mitsui comes from the other side. Please, Mitsui your eyes are too cute! Your killing me here.

When asked what there favorite song to perform was Mitsui answered (of course) with her solo Watashi no Miryoku ni Kizukanai Donkan na Hito So I could not leave out Mitsui love with her solo. I think she also mentioned having fun dancing with Junjun and Linlin this time than by herself. Must have been nice to have back up.

Don't really get this part but I think it's cute. With Eri and Risa Mitsui enjoys a snack before the show starts. Wonder if Mitsui made that rice ball? Or maybe her sister? Well Eri goes running off, you know Eri is never one to make sense, and that is why we love her.

Just Mitsui talking in her MC sections that we have never seen because they weren't on the DVD. "Ah Mama (something I don't understand) Okasan gomen ne!" for the first one. The middle one just kills me for pure cuteness. And the third one Mitsui is just teasing us!!

Apparently Junjun would take pictures and her and Koharu would argue over them. They switched places with Koharu to Reina just because Koharu and Junjun would argue too long. lol Well this one happened to be Mitsui eating a strawberry. Looks like Junjun was for Mitsui and Koharu against. Though I don't know what they were talking about. But it was too cute to pass up.

Ah! Now this part I know what is going on. I dunno I can read the situation better sometimes, like when my friend speaks Spanish I don't know what she's talking about but I can understand her grandmother perfectly who speaks no English. Anyway back on topic, they were talking about things that happened to go wrong during a concert. Mitsui was talking about for her outfit that it had a hood and they were going to keep the hood on it instead of showing her head.

Well as we can tell it didn't work out to well because it kept falling. She said they had tried different alternatives with headphones (which I think are awesome) and it didn't work out so they went with a bow. What a shame, I think the hood or head phones would fit the outfit so much better.

Now at the very end we have the girls leaving the concert hall. I love that it's Linlin and Mitsui together. I love the two together and I wish they would come and interact more. I would love it very much. But yeah Mitsui and Linlin leave together.

Well despite there is absolutely no interaction between Reina and Mitsui in this DVD I know for a fact the two are still close. A fan of Reina on H!O posted he accidentally ran into Reina in a hotel and aside being with her mother Reina was also with Mitsui, he said she was wearing a mask but he could tell it was her. (>w<) Will try to finally post the covers for Kimagure Princess, I don't really like them so I have been putting it off. Next time I swear!

Just a quick side update: Changes some of the colors of links and things to make it a bit more colorful. I dunno what I am doing with the layout yet. May make a new one. Also updated the list of soon to be released items and got rid of some things that have already been released.


  1. Thanks for the rundown of DVD Magazine 28,
    I will have to track down a copy of that. It's surprising to hear that there were no Aika & Reina portions from this. But Aika is finding herself all over the place in Musume interactions which is good.
    She was so enjoyable to watch in Magazine 25 as well she really has a spark in her but is sensible at the same time. I really look forward to watching her solo MC portions.

  2. Aika is just adorable