Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kimagure Princess PV

After some looking around this morning, making my usual rounds on H!O I had come to see the PV was up! YAY! Too bad that I was backed up on Dohhh up for about 5 minutes before being provided with a youtube link. I love Dohhh up but they need some love when it comes to that many people looking at a video. But anyways this PV is way better than the one I looked over before. I mean a thousand times better than the last one. And dare I say equal time for all the members in the PV?

We get a better look at the PV, and the dance for that matter. The dance is a still a strange collection of a lot of things. And it looks like Aika still has different shoes than the other members. What I love about this opening though is the behind the gate shots. I mean they are just so pretty and stand out a lot compared to past add in close ups. And Mitsui's eyes peering out look smexy.

It appears that Mitsui flanks the sides of the main singer for the chorus line every time which is kind of cool. Also she seems to be in the middle row but always seen so that is really cool. Then we get a mix of Osaka Koi no Uta PV with a red light on the dance, also a mix of Iroppoi Jirettai with a sparkly fire? There is also some solo-mo shots that really add a cool aspect to this PV.

Next is the break which has a dance that covers all the members and look really cool. Once I get my video player up again then there are many gifs I want to make. Then we have some more close ups of members singing and the group dance. Then we have a solo mo dance which connects the dance poses together which looks so awesome in slow mo, good choice.

All in all the music video is very different from the other one, it evolves more aspects that make it more creative and fun than the other one who is just close ups and it's not that giving to the 8th gen, while this one has a lot more 8th gen in it.


  1. I'm still not a huge fan of the MV, but the girls are still pretty.

  2. Yeah, the girls look good. Being that I do graphic design and stuff like that I find this PV really cool color and set up wise.

  3. Mittsi rocks the outfit the best

  4. Yeah I think the hair really made it really pretty. Even though she had a hat on.