Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Products

Well this is a bit awkward. I was going to do this post before it came out, but oh well! The Hello Store USA has new products in! (But by this point in time most to all of them are sold out) I wasn't going to be able to afford a shirt or anything like that. But I waited till 7 (Eastern coast time, it was at 4 for people on the Pacific coast) and I went crazy on the slowness of the site because everyone bum rushed the site. I myself had add the sets I wanted on my wish list, thus I went straight there and ordered the ones I wanted. It look about 6 minutes for the whole wait (incase of the first time I ordered which took 2 minutes), and I stayed on the site to watch what goes out of stock.

There must be Aika fans who surf the site, because on the sets that I got the only person tagged was Aika. The two photo sets I got are now sold out though. I am extremely happy with my buy and this pulls up my L photo count to 140. The last Morning Musume set I got was from 2007 from Sexy 8 Beat. I am very happy that I was able to get these, though I am curious how I am going to pay for the Kimagure Princess single. I am trying to do something in a contest that may give me 20-10 dollars towards Yesasia. I hope I can get the Limited C version of it, that there is still time.

Well to all of those of you who are still looking:
Happy hunting.


  1. Looks like your site banner has defaulted to "sample"

  2. Yes, I am working on a new one that is up now. XD