Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Morning Musume DVD Magazine 27

The other Magazine DVD release with the Nine smile tour. This one is from the shooting of the 2010 Morning Musume calender. Yay~! Well I'm not sure what they are suppose to do but They all jack each others photo shoots and ask questions and do things. There is heavy Japanese talking sections between Kamei, Niigaki, and Mitsui. But since I didn't know what they were talking about. So I shall review the photo shoots themsleves (little sneak peaks into the calender).

Very first one is Mitsui with Takahashi and Junjun. Mitsui catches Sayumi spying in on them and calls her out! Nice eyes. Ai and Junjun show they are knitting something and Mitsui brings out the chocolate box that says "Especially for you" on it, because they are shooting for the month of January and February; thus Valentine's day. I think they talk about Valentine's day for a bit and then Sayu asks what Junjun is making. After a short talk by Sayumi (a cut away) when we come back we say goodbye to Ai, Mitsui, and Junjun.

Birthday section~! Mitsui talks first because she has the first birthday, in January 12th! She is excited talking about when she turned 16. She talks about growing up I believe but I can't figure out much.

There is a photo shoot in between but no Mitsui so I skipped it. It was basically Ai interviewing Linlin, Sayumi, and Reina. But now we have Linlin and Reina coming into the Mitsui, Eri, and Niigaki shoot. It appears there was something on the ground and Mitsui freaked out about it trying to step on/around it causing her to jump around. Whatever it was Mitsui was not amused. Looks like there was a lot of bugs flying around. GakiKameiMicchi were not amused. They start talking about their favorite desert foods. Risa says something with banana in it, Reina likes cake (to which GakiKameiMicchi say is really cute), and I couldn't make out what Kamei and Mitsui said.

Next we have Kamei and Mitsui spying on Sayumi, Koharu, and Junjun for the summer page, ironically the page Mitsui had last year. Mitsui and Eri are goofing off waiting for the three to finish. Once they get in there, there is only a few minutes of them actually talking to Sayumi, Koharu, and Junjun before there is talking from Kamei and Mitsui (though I kinda skipped through it). Mitsui and Eri cracked me up in the end when they try to disappear by jumping off screen.

Well that is all for Mitsui in this DVD. If you are looking for some fun Mitsui action I suggest you take a look at this DVD, especially the part with Kamei and Mitsui. There is some funny things there. Also honorable mention for Reina, Eri, and Koharu:

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