Wednesday, January 13, 2010

B.L.T magazine DVD

H!P had a recent collaboration with BLT magazine to release a H!P New Years book with all 25 girls of H!P in it wearing Kimonos. And of course there was a DVD release of the making. I wish I could say it was fun and exciting but it was basically H!P eye candy with a few cute moments here and there. And because it is all eye candy I have a lot of caps but not a lot of text. So enjoy the pic spam post.

This is a cute part though, with Mitsui acting it Tanaka Reina is doing her imitation of Shin-chan from the show Crayon Shin-chan Mitsui does it really cute like too.

Here is the pic spam part I was talking about. I decided to cut down from the amount I actually capped. There is only so many ways you can pose in a tradition kimono because you can't move around much. But I find Mitsui charming as always.

Next was photos with Musume. This section isn't that long but I really love seeing all the girls together. They are so pretty, and having 8 members really separates them up nicely, not that I don't miss Koha, I do, but it makes them equal now.

Now we have pictures with the rest of H!P, first in the line up of Musume, Berryz,°C-ute, Mano (on the same line), and than S/mileage. Next into little sections than by height. Mitsui is next to Mai and Eri, it appears she is on the smaller end of the H!P girls, but right in the middle. In the end there is a blooper from the opening greeting where Maimi messes up what she's saying, earning a smack from Ai and Chisato.

You can see what I mean about the less talk more eye candy action from this post. I will soon be updating with H!P DVD Magazine 20 and 21. So more to come soon.

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