Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mitsui gets a new dog!

In a recent blog post by Mitsui she has stated that she was wondering if she should take in a new Siberian Husky puppy. Here is the quote from the post:

Also, there was another healing event!!!!!!!
A little while ago, my faaaavorite favorite type of dog,
a siberian husky, had puppies (*☆∨☆*)
I was super excited~!!!!!!! ☆☆
And so, I uploaded this ♪
Her sleeping face is sooo cute isn’t it (>_<*)(*>_<) Her paws are still pink too!! Sooooooo cuuuute (*∨▽∨*)☆ I was really thinking hard about whether or not I should take this puppy home (..) Well cuz.. the mom abandoned her (T_T)*tear* So sad (;o;) But... the puppy is at our house now ♪♪ I'll be sure to raise her up properly (^^)d☆

From the looks of the post I would say she adopted it. So meet the new member of the Mitsui family:

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