Saturday, September 18, 2010

Aika goodies

Oh the new concert tour goods have been released and Holy Aika! Her goods look so amazing!! Once I get my back pay I will be getting probably everything Aika from this tour. It is just TOO amazing for words. Instead of me talking how about taking a look:

Aika's uchiwa and her muffler towel

Aika camo concert shirt and Aika bandanna plus photos

And the cream of the crop:

Aika's microfiber towel

Now for the goods you all have a chance of winning:

Morning Musume sets

Aika 2L sets

So as you can see there is no cell phone straps this time (yet I gueess). So it will be between 2L sets and MM sets. Bet ya wish you kept the fan in huh?

1 comment:

  1. Oh my lord the Aika-chan goodness this tour is indescribable. But let's put things into perspective a bit, this is such an important tour for Aika wotas. The transitional message is for 8th Gen fans.

    I really hope that Aika gets a new solo song