Friday, September 3, 2010

X-Man Musume! ... wait Muten?

So it turns out that the pictures I posted last time are pictures for Muten Musume's single. It seems it's for a sushi place so, eh~ I guess it's w/e. But this still is good for a different final single for EriJunLin.

In other new stuffs a picture of the ticket for the new concert tour came out:

Holy Chow-chow! Aika is certainly showing some skin! I am looking forward to the goods more now if that is even possible.

So this is just a smaller kind of update to just pace along some things. With the poll going as it is now I will be more than happy to buy some extra 2L pictures to send out to fans. Also I haven't charged my camera since I was in New York in July so that is why I haven't added new pictures of any goods or my collection. But as of now I have gotten a few new Aika goodies and I still have some coming through the mail as well. So once that is charged and I have time to take pictures I will. I started school as well so updates may be fewer. But don't worry about the give away just yet since once the pre-orders go up on the goods on HSUSA is when I will make a post about it. ;)

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