Saturday, August 28, 2010

First Poll Results: Graduation sadness :(

Alright so I think this is a good time to talk about the poll results~

Who are you sadist is graduating?
And tied for last with 1 point:

Aww I can understand though. I will miss Linlin more than Junjun but I still am sad to see both go. I mean they had so much potential! So long girls.

Then tired for first with 4 points:

I will admit I will miss Eri the most. As for at one point (before Aika) I loved Eri the most out of MM. And I still think she never had enough time to show her amazing voice. Just last night I was watching Single Daishu and I loved Eri's voice here:

Then the other one is all three:

Also the new poll question is up. I want to know what you guys would want for an Aika fan blog give away. I only added smaller items now as I think for bigger items I wouldn't have the heart to give them away if I only had one. ;) But vote and tell me what you think and there is a chance that from the new concert goods I will be buying extras to give away. :3

Only one thing left now:

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