Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rival Survivor! And more goodies~

The Rival Survivor poster came out and I am so excited over Aika:

SO EXCITED~! Like I don't like Aika's hair as much but she is sure showin' some skin. Now the first thing that came to my mind was Destiny Child's Survivor:

And I do remember hearing that Ai likes this song so I wonder~ But I think this looks amazing. I can only wonder what the towels will look like! Oh man I am so happy I am hopefully gonna be getting paid soon so I can afford all the goods. ♥♥ And aside from picking up Aika and Reina goods I think some Sayumi goods are going to be picked up as well. Ah man~

In other exciting pic news:

Apparently these are the outfits for the new MM single, which will be the last single for Junjun, Linlin, and Eri. And I guess it holds true that it is gonna be a sushi theme because little cartoon characters close to sushi items where made for each girl. Meet Aika's:

So her character is named IkaIka (Aika) Ika meaning squid, thus the dress and hair piece. I think her character is the simplest and most boring out of the 8 girls but I think hers is the closest to the food it's related to. But for the actual single outfits I am a bit on the fence at the moment. I kinda almost want Reina in green and Sayu in the pink as I think the green is pants and the pink is a skirt and Sayu is just so cute. But as for the picture can't complain on anything Aika wise. But I love her and Eri next to each other. ♥

And in the last bit of news

THE NEW CALENDER COVER HAS COME OUT~!! Aika looks amazing on the cover and I think they shot it at the same place as the last calender but I don't care. It's a bit simple but I think I like it like that. Last years was very basic on the outside as well but the insides was all nice and colorful. I will be getting this calender as well. I really didn't rip off the months on last years calender so that is just hanging in my room. Ah well, I can roll it up like I did with Nanchatte Renai when I got the Aika signed poster. Ah but this year I am hoping for a page with Aika and Reina again! I still regret not getting the 2009 calender. (>_<)||

And I guess that is all for now since this is imagine heavy I will be making another post soon for a possible goods give away.

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  1. It is good to see you posting on your site again!

    I am also really pumped up by the Rival Survival outfits, they are an awesome theme that hasn't been explored by Musume.

    It really makes you wonder what sort of single is going to be written for outfits like that. I really hope it isn't like Destiny's Child....

    Aika looks perfect and unique in the outfits, she happens to be in the best shape nowadays too so I can't wait to see her in motion.

    You know if you are doing some sort of contest, you should announce it around more, it would bring more people into the Aika fan family.

    And let me say that things really have kind of improved since my first suggestions, haven't they?