Monday, August 9, 2010

HSUSA Pre-order (Special Order) Goods.

As a fan I love being able to get things! I mean I don't have to be a H!P fan to want stuff right? But I guess you need to be a H!P fan to want H!P things. Ahh.... I'm rambling. But the point I am trying to make is that the HelloStore USA has a preview of the things they are selling coming up soon~! Now there is Seishun Collection goods, which I haven't even gotten the single yet but I am willing to buy the pictures? Oh my fandom is strange. But let us take a look at the Aika goodies:

Well I know for a fact I will be getting the 2L sized group sets. I mean Reina and Aika together? Love ♥ Also Eri and Linlin. That is a must buy! Other than that I am questioning what I should get. I really love Aika's expression in that red photo is amazing so I will probably end up getting that set and the matching Reina one to it.

Those are all the Aika solo products. There are things from the summer concert tour but nothing it really jumping out at me as those Seishun collection goods so I will probably not pick any of those up. Unless they get the live photos. Which on the FB page said they may add that to the special order section. I am hopeful~! ♥

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