Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Morning Musume in Hunan province??

So news from Reina's blog is that Morning Musume is in China in the Hunan province. I do believe this is where Junjun was born. So I wonder if Tsunku is going to try to sell this "going back to China" thing a bit better by having some more interaction between the two places for Junjun and Linlin.

I still am unsure how I feel about graduating Linlin off. Kamei for medical reasons I could deal with and then with Junjun since I figured she would be coming sooner or later because she was older than Linlin. But Linlin does have one of the better voices in Musume despite her short comings when it comes to faster songs. But she is the ballad queen! Ah well. I guess I have 4 months to get use to the idea?
Image hosted by uppix.net Image hosted by uppix.net Image hosted by uppix.net

In these pictures the girls are eating dinner. Reina and Aika's reactions to the food is awesome.

Edit: Looks like on the plane ride to China Kamei and Sayumi sat next to each other on the plane as did Reina and Aika! Oh be still my little pairs heart. ♥♥

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