Sunday, August 15, 2010

An hour to new things~!

I am starting to get my hyper-ness on because the new goodies from HSUSA are going on to buy in less than an hour. YAYNESS~!! I get like such a hyper dork when it comes to things like this. Oh boy, you all should have seen me when it came to getting the Aika poster. My poor Alice ♥. She had to suffer through the madness. And guess who is online again now? Haha~~ Sorry Alice but I love you because you suffer through my crazyness~~♥ ♥ ♥

Now I expect my other goods to come in on Wednesday (shipped on Monday) and I can already tell my mailman is gonna be SOOOOOO happy with me. With 3 different small orders and one over sized one I'm sure he is gonna be confused. Okay so this is my crack post about being excited over new goods! I am sure the site is gonna go slow so I will post about the things I got once it's officially ordered. >3< ♥

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