Saturday, August 14, 2010

Aika at Dinner Show

From Reina's blog Aika went and brought Eri, Sayumi, and Reina a snack before their dinner show. It seems that she stuck around to watch the show. ♥ Reina also said that the mothers of the three girls were also there so I wonder if Aika had fun being with Mrs. Tanaka, Mrs. Michishige, and Mrs. Kamei.

And something unrelated to Aika I want to talk about is the actual dinner show. The playlist for it came out and I was very excited to see Akai Freesia on the playlist! I mean I know a lot of people were hoping that they would sing it for the final concert of Rival Survival (still a chance to sing it) but this truly is the 6th gen song. And Sayumi singing Semi, my favorite old school Berryz Koubou album song. ♥♥ And Reina is singing a GAM song, not too surprised but I can't wait to hear.

Also want to tell you all that HelloStore USA has restocked some photo sets as well as has the Fashionable goods up I got the two I posted above but I think I want the body shots for the one of the right. But for now I got a C-ute set I have wanted and a S/mileage set. I need more S/mileage. ♥


  1. The setlist looked great but dinner shows don't get released onto DVD right? :(

  2. Nope, sorry. We can hope for audio rips if we are lucky.