Monday, August 16, 2010

Ah stuff!

I didn't update my post from the other day just because I was tired. I have been working hard you know~ haha! I know it doesn't seem like it but I am really a busy girl. But yeah I got some class things done and out of the way has me excited for classes to start soon. But also I am ready for a change of season. Spring and summer have kind of melted into one and let into a dullness for me right now. I can't wait for cooler weather to be coming in and maybe a change of pace. Ah~ who knows.

I was able to get the Aika set I wanted as well as the matching Reina set and the 2L photos of the 2 shot group one. All of them are sold out now though. Though luck. *I secretly love it when the goods I buy are the first to go* ♥ And ah yeah, this is a personal post I guess.

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