Saturday, October 9, 2010

Slow update

Sorry I am so bad about updating this blog now guys. With my school work going on it's just a lot of stuff going on. But I will try to get better! And about the give away, I don't officially get paid for another two weeks. So none of the first round of goods I will be able to get for you guys. But the second round of goods looks just as good and I will be getting goods from the 2nd update to give away!

The good I think you guys will be happy with is:

Mitsui Aika, Rival Surival Cell phone strap

This one looks very much like the same design as the PikaPika one:

And I really loved using this one. I used that strap for a long time, and if I didn't switch to an iphone I would still be using it. So I will be getting two of these.

Next is group sets:

The one set is from the calender which is super simple and pretty this year. The next one is a new one which I love. I am glad I have a job because this set of concerts is, like, too good to be true. The poll winner was group set, so I will be getting an extra one of these as well. Haven't picked which one. Maybe that will be the next poll question.

Then 2L's

Aika is looking especially cute in these 2Ls and I can't wait to get my hands on them. The black outfit is super cute and I love her hair in the all the sets. ♥ Also honorable mentions:

Reina because that blue looks amazing on her and Linlin because she is making her initials in the head shot one with her fingers. Love it!

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