Saturday, November 27, 2010

And then there was a sale!

Well yesterday I had set my alarm for 8 o clock just in time for a HSUSA Black Friday sale. And that hour flew by quicker than I thought talking with Kawbi and looking around at things. Well first order was place quickly as I knew those microfiber towels were gonna go fast. To my dismay however the number order system had messed up and my order had failed. This caused me to loose about 2 of the towels I wanted as well as 3 different photo sets I had wanted badly. Angered but still wanting goods I tried to back track as best I could. First order ended up being:

Well after that I went back through and noticed I skimmed over the C-ute section a bit and went back for some more C-ute and S/mileage goods. I picked up some stragglers as well. Order number #2:

Final count: 32 2L photos, 2 Microfiber towels, 29 L photos

Some of the things I got as gifts and some things I will be willing to give away. I also got a refund from HSUSA for the failed order. I really love the system of customer support from HSUSA. I've had only small problems with some things in the past and it has always been handled quickly and with respect. I love how they will give me money back as if they know I will spend it on there website again (because I always do!). Going through what they have left I am still tempted by some things but it was a non-pay week as it is and I have not ordered the special order goods I want yet I will let the rest go.


  1. Lol, maybe I was uber sleepy, I don't even remember seeing some of those! I wish I picked up more Aika/Nakky photos!

  2. Yeah not a lot of my favorite members had things but I was able to pick up a lot of the members I do like.

  3. boohoo I'm gonna stealies your kanon photos...