Monday, January 10, 2011

Gets post!

A nice gets post here as it rained all day today and I started school again. Aww so depressing! But I was happy to come home and find three different packages of goods from HSUSA. It would have been more but due to back orders somethings are being held until February. Well let's take a look at the goodies!

I got all the 2L sets for every member for the military sets. I thought that these are some of the most awesome concert images in a while! H!P really out did themselves with this tour and the goods. The black outfits are like the ones that look the most out of place honestly but I think 8th generation and Reina look the best. The green color for 8th generation is like perfection! ♥ Gawd I love them so!

Next is the graduation set. This is the only set I got from all the graduation things just because I had to save my money for books for school. But I am happy I got these and kind of wished I would have gotten Linlin's microfiber towel. But what can you do? Yeah but these are lovely. ♥

All the group sets I got. I have to say I love Morning Musume group shots. I don't really much care what they are all from I just love them. ♥ So I have about 4-5 other group shots that are on back order. Two from the making of the calender, 2 from the behind the scenes for the DVDs and goods shoots and then one live set and one military set.

Then the main thing:

Eri PB! Now this was a kind of spur of the moment buy where I was like "Hey I want this PB." And then I got it and was like "I didn't really NEED to buy that. Ah well" So here it is. It is a really nice PB, some shots are a bit too much for me but Eri looks amazing in all the shots. I think my favorite shoot had to be the one of her at the karaoke place. The ones with the tambourines. Very cute! But my favorite part has to be where the making of DVD is that it's a picture from the karaoke place where they were playing "Go Girl! Koi no Victory" and on the TV is a young Eri.

Yes those are my fingers XD

So You can't see it too well but I think it's adorable. ♥♥ Over all I am very happy with the things I got. :)


  1. Wow, that is an impressive goods haul! The goods from that tour were really good, especially the towels and shirts.

  2. WOW. That's a lot of stuff! I can't wait till my stuff gets here! And my Eririn PB as well~~