Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Leader Ai Love

So it was announced that Ai would be graduating in the 2011 Autumn tour for Morning Musume. I can't say I am too surprised at this news. Ten years is a beautiful time in a group and then leader, the cool whip on top of the awesome that is Takahashi Ai. More like extremely bad timing. I was just really reeling from the loss of Kamei, Jun, and Lin and getting excited for 9th generation and then we get this news.

Of course the up side is that, as fans, we get all this time to enjoy the singles Ai will be a part of in Musume as well as the ties she has made. I am guessing Loving You Forever and Tomo are in order for this graduation. I feel bad for Ai fans as I know Eri had 3 PBs when she left and it was only three months. Ai has 9 so I am expecting like 10 PBs now.

But honestly I can't say I am unhappy. Morning Musume has been stagnent a bit and we all have kind of forgotten what this group is all about, a changing line up that changes musical genera. I feel in love with the Musume from 2007 to 2009. I can say that even though Koharu wasn't my absolute favorite the loss of her really affected my thoughts on Musume. It seemed like it only got worst when Eri and Linlin left as they were in my top 10 of all of H!P.

Thinking of time though, it's sad to see Ai become such a marketing ploy for H!P. I mean the statement from Ai makes it seem like Tsunku is forcing her out because of the age difference between 9th gen and Ai. I think if you can have Yuko and Kago in the same group it could have worked. Also this announcement was 5 months apart from the Eri, Jun, and Lin graduation announcement. And they give Ai all this time for promotion? Obviously H!P wants fans to buy out her goods for the Spring tour as well. I can see no other reason why one would announce this so early. If that is so it's really sad and I hope Ai becomes a Takarazuka Revue actress and is amazing!

Welp girls raise your glasses to the awesome that is Takahashi Ai for the months you can!

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  1. Yeah, I hope that instead of becoming an Up Front solo artist she will join a Takarazuka troupe. I think she would be a lot happier and have more success over there.