Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mitsui 17th Birthday Project!!

Yes it is close to that time of not Christmas, Mitsui's birthday! (Christmas too but still) The forum you need to fill out is here. And here is more information from Erien #1223:

Title* : (If it's blank, please copy this 「メッセージ」 and paste it in the blank)
Name* :
E'mail address :
Gender : The first option is to remain anonymous, the second option is male and the third option is female.
Message* :

Tick the box if you will like to receive a copy of the message you sent.
Then click the button below the box and you're done!
*Please fill in these details.

Please do not send messages with only one "Happy birthday" or anything that is not suitable for a birthday message. The organisers will not include such messages in the compilation. Also, please do not use special characters such as heart marks. Lastly, as usual, one message per person only.

As you may have noticed my bandwidth was exceeded on one of my photobucket accounts. If you guys are directly linking any of my images, thanks, but I really need you to stop. I will provide bigger screen caps in the last post just to fix it but most to all of my images are mess up and I am going to have to go back and edit out all of my images. For future references please do not directly use my images.


  1. maybe it not direct link..
    it may happen to if many people view your blog or u upload pic to this account and post to forum..

    use [4share]..i'm using that now..and it doesnt have bandwidth problem..XD..
    just to share it since my bandwidth for photobucket can exceed in just half a day..XD..

    btw, i'm alwaysAi from H! i know it..XD

  2. Good to know. I will look into that. :D My bandwidth goes back on the 20th so I won't bother on this page for now. Mind if I link your site on here?

  3. Is it possible to send the message in english? XD I'm very bad at Japanase ._.
    Thanks for translate the form anyway :D
    I'm SuzuAiri from H!O ^^