Sunday, November 1, 2009

New Layout and Preorders from HSUSA

Hello all! There is a few updates with Musume recently. There was just a Music Japan performance:

It's fairly short and doesn't show much of the song at all, though they do say it features their booties. But aside from that and a live concert for the B-side album it has been pretty slow for Musume. But things are going to pick up a bit when more promotion comes in. Twice this month Mitsui, Kamei, and Junjun will be appearing on a radio show to talk about the single and no doubt about Koharu's graduation. Mitsui also recently appeared with Sayumi, Reina, Koharu, and Linlin on a live Ameba feed. I stayed up and watched but I didn't understand much of it since it was a quiz about Koharu before she leaves.

As for the site I have changed up the layout a bit, still don't like it that much but I am working on it. My top banner graphic skills are pretty much fail right now. So that is all fine and dandy. Updated the picture of the week. From the make your own PB from the 2008 Winter concert. I loved Mitsui in this outfit.

And now for some fun things. The Hello Store USA has added a pre-order section. But since I have been doing spotty coverage to get two Kimagure Princess Limited C's I don't know how much I am going to order here. I have my eye I quite a few photo sets for each group (I'm a photo set junkie). So I will have to talk it over with my bank account and see what we can come up with. Please be mindful that pre-orders end on the 15th. In case any people who work on the Hello Store pass by here I would love to thank you guys for all your hard work! I love everything I have been able to get so far and I love how progress is going so far.

Fans stay tuned for Music Fighter episode on the 6th! It should be an interesting one, Mitsui actually gets to talk on this show.

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  1. Love the new banner and site layout, keep up the good work.