Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mitsui Origins

Now I have made this blog and have bios but I wanted to go over how Mitsui got into Musume. Aside from the audition and a magazine interview all we know of Mitsui pre Musume was that she was trying out for other dramas and plays and things before getting the audition. It was never shown if she was a big fan of Musume to begin with but then again if you didn't like them why join?

Tsunku was going to make a 3rd to 4th round to a final but decided from the 25 girls he liked and cut them down to 6. So instead of a 4th round to final he sent them to a two day one night mini-camp to do basic vocal training and small dancing training, some basics and then try to learn a part of a Musume dance.

Mitsui's audition song here is Furusato. This is where 62% Mitsui was born. Tsunku said that Morning Musume members need to give 120% of happiness, at the lowest 105%. Thou he was sure that Mitsui was giving it her all and trying as best as she could he believed she was only burning at 62%.

What's Mitsui reaction when she knows she's one of the 6 from all the girls? "It's like a dream...huhuhu. Even though there were really cute girls there, I'm still left... I'll do my best! I want to give it everything" Awww Mitsui. Your such a doll. You surely were an under dog though I would have to say. Yuu had a strong chance to make it in.

As we can see from an early time Mitsui is wearing purple, which backs up my belief that she does actually like the color purple and was not just because it ended up being her shirt color. And what does Mitsui have to say about leaving on a two day trip: "I'm nervous.... I'm nervous about what kind of people will come." and by looking at it I would be too.

I've never been a fan of long haired Mitsui but if they could make it look like this I am in full support. How adorable does she look in her little pig tails? And it seemed like Mitsui had the hardest time getting the group dance steps down for it. Her quote for this section: "I figured I'd learn by observing, and I odserved, but... I couldn't do it at all. I am worried." Knowing what we all know now she doesn't have to worry. But I do think this is what started her over worrying over dance moves to the point were Sayumi worries over her.

After breaking up into groups of three Mitsui and her group had vocal training with Sugai Hidenori. Known in auditions to make girls cry. Victims include Takahashi, Reina, Sayumi, and Reina. Most people like to feel bad for the girls for being yelled at and crying but honestly I support it. I mean if you can't tough it out then leave. And he says this to these girls. If you can make it through this then you can stay, if not then you go. Simple.

Mitsui is lectured for looking at the floor instead of out in front of her and not singing loud enough. He makes fun of her asking if there is a fairy floating around right there (I find that ironic from the Cinderella play). He wants her to give a whole hearted performance. When working with Masuda (Another contestant) Hidenori tells her that Mitsui wrote the lyrics over twice to remember, Hidenori asked her to do it again because it's a good thing to do. Out of the three she seems to have done the best with her pre vocal work.

Unlike the other group Mitsui's group picked up on the moves quickly and seem to have mastered it. The dance teacher's thoughts on Mitsui's group: "The other group [Mitsui and her group] of three were very quick in learning their moves, and they showed that they were enjoying themselves. It really was a huge difference, I thought."

For the first night Mitsui and her group debate wheater they should practice or not while the other group does. In the end they talk it over pratice on their own, listening over the music more rather than dancing, and just go to bed. lol

When going into the next day Mitsui and her group do really well in the singing and the practice dancing seem to go pretty well. Hidenori seemed pleased with her singing after her solo lesson.

The first group is Mitsui's and it seems that the not practicing at night was a mistake for them not to do it. After the dance teacher tells them Tsunku will watch them personally they do the Morning Musume cheer and perform in their groups. After both groups show one of the girls from the other group came over and then Tsunku gave Mitsui a mini dance lesson then asks her if she is having fun, to which she replies "Yes!"

Mitsui then records with no problems and gets really into it and it swaying back and forth and looks so cute. I think this really shows how into it she gets and what really sparked to Tsunku. Looking at it now I can really see it. After Tsunku tells us that they will perform live we get updated that Masuda left the audition, rumored to have left to audition for Avex.

The song picked for Mitsui was "Osaka Koi no Uta". More purple from Mitsui which supports my thoughts that she liked it before she joined and lucked out getting that as her color. Her thoughts after performing: "I did my best in my own way with the dancing...dancing?. I mean, singing, and I think it was good."

Tsunku calls Musume in to tell them that one member will be picked, the girls seemed shocked, as were many fans, to see this. He tells them to go to the stage and (Reina thinks she will be on stage) but he tells them that the winner will walk in and not know that they have won until they walk into the door. The Musume girls don't know either. Once she walks in Yossie will give her a matching hat. (Notice I put Mitsui's best friends in that last cap)

The girls are called out of the room one by one and lead down the hall to see if they had made it not. Of course none of them know where they are going or who is going to win. The Musume girls seem happy and nervous and shocked when the girl walks in, I had to make a cap of Koharu's face, she looked like she just got a new puppy. And I know I can't just insert the sound, but she makes the cutest little squeal.

Who could the winner be? Of course~! Mitsui! She looks completely shocked to see Musume in front of her. After she presented the hat from Yossie says: "Nice to meet you, I'm Mitsui Aika. I might cause you trouble from now, but please be good to me! I'll do my best!" They all seem to look at her like a member now and they will have to help her out big time. Then Musume performs Aruiteru and Mitsui looks on. Her thoughts: "It's like a dream...! It's like a dream, but I did my best with all the others, so I'd like to try my best as a Morning Musume. I'm inexperienced, but please be good to me." Tsunku says that this is just the beginning of Musume and the theme for the year is Asia. This, we all know, lead to the addition of Junjun and Linlin in the group.

So this was the beginning of Mitsui in Musume. I hope you all enjoyed looking at the progress Mitsui has made so far in her two short years of being in Musume.


  1. Nice Mitsui audition review, makes me want to give another watch. Were you watching a subbed version or just a raw?

  2. I have both a subbtitled version and a regular version of the audtion special.